6 Reasons Why You Should Renovate


So you’ve decided that you’ve outgrown your home and need something fresh and exciting. You’re faced with two options - to build a new home OR to renovate. This can be a huge decision to make! We are here to give you some reasons why renovating your current home is a fantastic idea.

We all know that the cost of living has shot through the roof recently.  Building materials are harder to find and labour prices are not what they used to be. Renovations and extensions are a great way to reduce the cost while enjoying that new/ fresh home feel. You don’t even need to move house to fix the little things that bother you, or get that new feature you saw in your friend’s home! You can create an entirely new interior/exterior style while leaving in place the home’s structural components.

Good Bones
Your existing home was built to last! Often, modern homes are not as structurally sound as their predecessors. This is due to the fact that cheaper materials are used in order to reduce building costs. Most older houses were built using rot-resistant materials and can last up to 200 years with proper maintenance. This means that the important structural components such as supporting beams, roofing & floor are sound and can be used as a foundation for something new.

You’ve lived in your house for a few years now; you walk down to your favourite cafe with your family on a Saturday morning, you all greet the local postie as he comes past. You’re invited to your neighbour’s house for a BBQ at least once a month. Your kids spend their Sundays playing with the children next door. You're going to miss this too much! Why move away from your community when you can upgrade the house you have? You can keep the things you love, while getting the design you’ve always wished for.

Hidden Potential

Lockhart has seen some incredible house upgrades over the years! Clients have engaged us for renovations of old queenslanders or extensions onto homes where they needed extra space while other projects were as simple as adding a deck onto the home, making a huge difference to the livability. Your house has more potential than you may think. Another great way to change the character of your home is to create an open plan home by removing various internal walls, creating a breathable, well lit home.

Renovating is fun! You make selections based on your personality and your needs. You get to choose your wall colours, your tiles, the structure of the house (after approval by your local council first) and so much more. That tiny wardrobe in the main bedroom will never comfortably contain your clothes and your shoe collection and all of those coats that you never get around to wearing. If you’ve got the space, why not create something more suited to your needs? A walk-in robe lined with LED lights would be so much nicer, wouldn’t it?

Update for modern technology

It's the 21st century. The world has come a long way since your house was built in the 1950's - 2000's. Why not bring your home up to standard by installing new technologies? When upgrading your home, you can increase its sustainability and improve you and your family's lifestyle. Some examples of modern upgrades that can be made include installing new/ more energy efficient systems, smart technology - creating a safer home, integrated technology - resulting in more room to move & a less cluttered home & automations systems where you can turn lights and heating/ cooling systems on/ off from afar.

Renovating can be incredibly rewarding, bringing new life to your home. Not only will you enjoy living in the new space that you have designed, renovating also increases the value of your home. You avoid the costs of moving, build equity and don’t have to worry about losing valuable family memories.
In a world of disposable consumerism, we have lost the art of repairing & renewing what we have.


Involve the entire family in the project and you will create memories together that will last a lifetime.